Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Ivins, UT

I have been Refinishing and Installing the Hardwood Floors that I sell direct to the public at distributor pricing in Kayenta; a large high end subdivision in Ivins, UT. It is interesting how many of those existing homes have Eastern White Pine solid floors. I have been refinishing them as of late. Most of them have wider than normal gaps between the boards due to the lack of jobsite acclimation prior to the installation. I do have a filler product that I use to fill those gaps that has the best chance of staying in without either sinking or popping out later. One job on my website under the Refinishing link is the Smith Residence. Have a look at that project if you might be interested in having your floors refinished. I have 75 Five Star Reviews that you can read with links on my website. If you want new floors or want to add to your current Wood flooring I am available to discuss your project and create a bid for your review. Thanks for reading.  Greg Warren

Refinishing Your Wood Floor With a Gray Wash

I am starting to see many of my Wood Floor Refinish clients wanting the new gray wash color spectrum as a choice for their new updated design. The old white wash of the past that didn’t wear well past 5 years can now be as lasting as traditional wood tone colors. That innovation has come from many years of non yellowing epoxy water base polyurethane technology. Used in the right sequence a floor refinisher can create a very tough flooring surface that can withstand residential traffic for many years until your next refinish on average every 15 years plus. If you are interested in discussing this further give me a call, message, text or email and we can get started. I am available for a free estimate once we have discussed your wood floor refinishing project.

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Springdale, Utah

I live 40 minutes outside of Zion National Park and so my wife, Fran and I love to visit several times a year with our annual pass. I also get calls from time to time to perform Hardwood Floor Installations & Refinishing of existing Hardwood Floors. I love working in Springdale as the drive to that locale is so beautiful with next to no traffic on their newly paved roads. I recently refinished a B&B in Springdale that can be viewed under my Refinish link at the top of my home page under the Burton Residence. If you live in Springdale or its sister city Rockville give me a call and we can discuss your Hardwood Flooring project. I am available. Greg

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Panguitch, Utah

I like to do wood floor projects out of my home town of Hurricane, UT. I get calls from time to time to go to Panguitch which is the gateway to Bryce Canyon National Park and the Grand Staircase Escalante. There are many historic homes in Panguitch that have their original Hardwood Floors. Most of them are Vertical Grain Douglas Fir that are horribly worn out. With aggressive sanding techniques one can bring them fully back to life and brand new looking. Check out my Refinish link at the top of my home page and look at the Best Residence to see this beautiful makeover of a registered historic home. Many times clients in Panguitch want to add on to existing Hardwood Floors and I have access to these historic floors cut from new trees in this era. I install them and sand them out along with the older floors and finish to the clients choice of color and finish. If you live in Panguitch or are moving to Panguitch and are remodeling a home there call me and we can discuss your project and potential costs over the phone. I am available.

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Cedar City, Utah

Cedar City, Utah is a growing community with many single family home developments springing up throughout the area supplying the demand for its growing population. Much of the population growth is coming from other states that surround Utah in the West. States like California that once was a growing population is now seeing an exodus to Utah. Many of those homeowners are buying homes in Cedar City with the cash from their home sale in California. No mortgage. With their excess cash they are adding upgrades to these homes and Hardwood Floors is one of them. I sell Hardwood Floors in Iron and Washington Counties as those counties are my territory. I sell Hardwood Floors at distributor cost directly to my clients which saves them considerable money over the retail flooring stores in Cedar City.  Then I come out and install those Hardwood Floors personally. No subcontractors. I have over 35 years experience and my 70 five star reviews from former clients attest to my skills. This is an avocation for me; I love the work. I also Refinish existing Hardwood Floors with custom colors and low sheen polyurethanes. If you want to get involved with me on your Hardwood Floor project give me a call.  I am available.  Greg Warren