Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Santa Clara, Utah

I am finding many homeowners calling me from Santa Clara to buy new flooring or adding on to their existing Hardwood Floors. Many are also electing to refinish their existing Hardwood Floors to a more contemporary color as the natural color has a dated look in their opinion. I am available for all these choices. With free estimates every Friday I can help you create a new vision for your home at prices that are lower than retail flooring stores. With that I give you the benefit of my 35 years in the Hardwood Floor Business as well as the experience I will be applying to the installation and finishing of your new hardwood floors. I don’t send installers and finishers to your home because I “am” the installer & finisher. I usually bring along a helper that is fully supervised by me the entire day that works along side me. Call me if you would like to discuss your project. I take call Monday through Saturday.

Greg Warren   (435) 691-4250

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Santa Clara, UT

How To Buy A Hardwood Floor

I sell Hardwood Floors from Cedar City to St George and the surrounding communities. There is a fair amount of travel involved working in such a large geographical region. Since my showroom is in Cedar City many of my St George clients will look at my manufacturer websites and pick floor choices off of thumbnail pictures. Once I know what they might be interested in I have the manufacturer send a UPS delivery of those sample choices for personal inspection. That is a free service. That is where the process starts. Once a floor has been picked out I can come to the project address and estimate the cost of that floor based on the square footage, existing floor covering removal and any moldings that might be needed to finish off the walls.  I always have a list of other trades that the client might need to hire to perform baseboard installation, painting and existing floor covering removal. As far as the price, I sell Hardwood Floors to my clients at distributor cost. You can have the invoice. The reason is that I am only interested in receiving income from the labor side of the transaction. For the most part you will save at least one dollar per square foot on my bid vs a bid from a local flooring store. The other benefit of hiring me is that I actually perform the installation, finish or refinish of your floors. I do not have employees without my full supervision all day nor do I hire sub contractors. Therefore my 35 years of experience is handling the entire process. That eliminates all the potential problems that can happen with less experienced hands that routinely install floors within the retail flooring stores. I have a vested interest in maintaining very high quality levels in my installations and my Five Star Reviews on prove this out as posted by my former clients. To date I have 38 Five Stars you can read by just clicking the houzz link on every page of my website.

Give me a call for a free telephone discussion and an on site estimate.

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in St George, Utah

St George is a fast growing location in Utah that is thriving with many families and retired people moving from outside the state to enjoy the climate, beauty and the lower cost of living.  Considering all this explosive growth much of my Hardwood Floor business is in the St George region. I sell, install and finish Solid Hardwood Floors.  There is also a demand for refinishing of existing hardwood floors in the St George region as there are few hardwood flooring contractors supplying that aspect of the trade. I have been refinishing hardwood floors since 1983 and I supply it with Dustless Technology. Read my 49 Five Star Reviews from former clients on the Houzz link on this page. I also have 15 five star reviews on Google My Business. Call or text me for a free estimate.

Greg Warren  (435) 691-4250

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Contractor for St George, Utah

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors Awarded “Best of Houzz 2017”


Greg Warren Hardwood Floors of Cedar City, UT

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Palo Alto, CA, January 1, 2017Greg Warren Hardwood Floors of Cedar City, UT has won “Best Of Customer Service” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. This Hardwood Flooring Dealer with over 35 years experience in the field installing, repair, finishing and refinishing was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals.


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Greg Warren Hardwood Floors provides Hardwood Floors that Last a Lifetime

For Customer Service winners “We’re so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals, including Greg Warren Hardwood Floors” said Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz. “Each of these businesses was singled out for recognition by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts for helping to turn their home improvement dreams into reality.”


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What One Needs to Know When Buying Prefinished Flooring

Manufacturers and dealers of Hardwood Floors don’t always inform the consumer of all the details when purchasing a Prefinished Hardwood Floor. Prior to year 2000 most of the manufacturers created Engineered Wood Floors with thick top veneers so that the consumer could refinish the floor a few times at an average of 15 year intervals. With the advent of Aluminium Oxide Polyurethane, (AO Poly for this discussion), in year 2000 thick top veneers no longer were a priority. This coating was warrantied for 25 years not to wear out. It could deluster in high traffic locations but not wear through to bare wood. Manufacturers decided that without the need for refinishing there was no need to pay for expensively thick finished veneers. They started manufacturing with thin top veneers. Although AO Poly does not wear it still dents and scratches like any other polyurethane and therefore needs to be refinished on the same schedule as site finished flooring. We are now at that 15 year time frame since the first AO Poly floors were installed and floor refinishers like myself are estimating these refinishes. The problem with these thinner veneers is there is not enough lumber to sand in many cases. AO Poly cannot be removed by sanding alone. It is so hard it dulls the sandpaper very quickly. To remove AO Poly one has to buff it off with diamond blades on a buffer plate. You can see that process under my “Refinishing” link in my website. I have pictures and discussion under “Removing Aluminium Oxide Polyurethane”. Once one scrapes the AO Poly off the floor then the sanding process can begin. Started the sanding process with  36 grit sandpaper to remove the scratches created by the diamond blades removes too much lumber from these thinner veneers. It is not practical or safe to  refinish these floors and therefore the homeowner is left with the decision of living with the floor or replacing. I have had to pass on many of these Engineered Floor refinishes and it is with regret to inform the potential client of their situation. Do not buy Engineered Floors unless there is a minimum of 3/16″ of top veneer. It is more imperative when the floor has a hand scraped finish as more lumber than normal has to be removed to get all the old finish off. In the long run buy smooth finished Hardwood floors whether they are Solid or Engineered Wood Floors. There is an upcharge to sand off AO Poly and an additional upcharge if they are hand scraped. Manufacturers and dealers of Hardwood Floors in most cases will not inform you of this information mostly due to ignorance or over marketing their products to make a sale.  Buyer’s beware!