Welcome to my Refinishing page. On all applications I deploy my Dustless Sanding Vacuum System to minimize and filter out dust in your home. Call and we can discuss your particular needs and determine all the necessary steps needed to complete your project. I have been Refinishing Hardwood Floors for over thirty five years. Look at my Facebook link to see what I have been working on each week. My Houzz link shows 50 client reviews that can’t be altered; good or bad. My Google My Business page has 28 client reviews. All of my reviews are 5 star. Those links are provided at the right hand side of this page.

If your floor does not show signs of wear like brown spots in high traffic locations one can consider what is called a recoat.  A recoat preserves your current floor’s finish and brings back the luster.  We clean the floor thoroughly then sand the polyurethane surface to etch a scratch in that surface for the new coating to attach. This is not a dusty process. Once the floor has been cleaned and sanded we then apply another coat of polyurethane. The next day you can be back on your floors in socks and bare feet. The following day furniture can be placed back on the floor with new fabric glides to protect your new coating and you can begin to wear shoes with no problems as the coating is now set. This process is about 25% of the cost of a complete refinish .

I also renovate oiled floors that require burnishing in the original oil mixture with a buffer every three to five years on average. This process will bring your oiled floor back to its original beauty and retard dirt and spills from entering the pores of the flooring lumber. Woca Oil is the most widely used on prefinished floors that have been oiled at the factory. If you need maintenance products or training on how to maintain your oiled floor give me a call.