Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Santa Clara, Utah

I am finding many homeowners calling me from Santa Clara to buy new flooring or adding on to their existing Hardwood Floors. Many are also electing to refinish their existing Hardwood Floors to a more contemporary color as the natural color has a dated look in their opinion. I am available for all these choices. With free estimates every Friday I can help you create a new vision for your home at prices that are lower than retail flooring stores. With that I give you the benefit of my 35 years in the Hardwood Floor Business as well as the experience I will be applying to the installation and finishing of your new hardwood floors. I don’t send installers and finishers to your home because I “am” the installer & finisher. I usually bring along a helper that is fully supervised by me the entire day that works along side me. Call me if you would like to discuss your project. I take call Monday through Saturday.

Greg Warren   (435) 691-4250

Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Santa Clara, UT