I SELL ALL MY HARDWOOD FLOORS AT DISTRIBUTOR COST. You will get the invoice upon request. As a licensed wood floor contractor  for over 35 years I offer expert installation, finishing and dustless refinishing of existing Hardwood floors in St George, Cedar City and the surrounding Southern Utah communities. Solid three quarter flooring is a commodity that is manufactured by many lumber mills nationally. Since they all have to meet specifications set by governing bodies like the National Oak Flooring Manufacturers Association it rarely matters where I buy your floor. It is more about shopping for price. Solid floors always require that they be nailed down to plywood.

Floors that are glued down to concrete are called “Engineered” wood floors. It is buyer beware! There is a history of these veneered wood floors delaminating due to the low humidity in Southern Utah. Manufacturers require 35% and above moisture in your home at all times. In the Winter months lived in homes rarely achieve above 24% relative humidity. It will require humidification systems attached to your heating system to bring the moisture up to the warranty standards.

This is a list of Services that I perform:

  • Installation of solid wood floors.
  • Installation of plywood on concrete for solid nail down floors.
  • Sand & finish of new floors and refinish of existing floors with dust containment systems.
  • Peg & Groove of new floors and re-groove of existing flooring bevels.
  • Coordination of existing floor removals; carpet, tile & wood floors.

If you have any questions after looking over my website, feel free to call or email me with your questions.