NHance vs Traditional Wood Floor Refinishing

Potential clients call me to have their worn, dented and scratched floors brought back “like new”, the way they looked when they were first installed. That takes place by removing the top layer of wood which includes the old finish and stain but it also removes all the discolorations, dents, scratches and gaps between the boards. If the floor had distorted due to various moisture issues that is resolved during the sanding process. The color can also be changed to meet the new design of the homeowners lite remodel. This is called Traditional Hardwood Floor Refinishing. You can see my refinished floors on the “Refinishing” link and read those client reviews on the houzz.com link on each page. I currently have 48 five star reviews as well as 13 five star reviews on the Google My Business link.

Another process that I perform is the Recoating of existing Hardwood Floors. This is the NHance Technology that you are seeing recently being sold in Southern Utah. There are very few floors that this method will achieve a satisfactory result. It is exclusively for floors that are in very good shape. Meaning they have no unsightly worn areas, dents or scratches. It works very well for floors where the luster has dampened. It will bring back the original even shine across the floor. One reason that I rarely perform a Recoat is adhesion problems. Since most lived on floors acquire contamination from spills, foot traffic and cleanings that disperse layers of dirty cleaning solutions across the floor, it becomes a problem attaching a new finish to that surface. Although every effort is performed in removing those contaminants, there is no way to really know if one has removed it all. There are also many products out in the stores that have silicone and acrylic additives in their cleaning solutions. When that gets in the pores of the wood one cannot completely remove them. Consumers have also been told irresponsibly to “Wax” their floors. Again a huge damaging contaminant. If the new coating begins to peel the only solution is to perform a traditional refinish. That is why I do not direct my potential clients towards the NHance Recoating Method or Recoat Method as it is generally called by the National Wood Flooring Association of Licensed Contractors.

The NHance website says in order to open a franchise one does not need experience. I can tell you from the personal experiences of many Hardwood Floor Contractors, including myself, that it takes several years of on the job experience to become proficiently skilled to perform your first job unsupervised by a skilled mechanic. The NHance Method or Recoating of Wood floors is not an easy process. It takes years of experience to determine whether the floor can accept a new coating through various tests of the existing surface for contamination. Then having the skills to apply the new coating seamlessly without leaving drips, flow lines and applicator marks on the floor. Selling my potential clients methods that do not achieve an excellent result with the potential of contamination failure at their expense is not something I want to be involved. It is Buyer Beware!

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