Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Cedar City, Utah

Cedar City, Utah is a growing community with many single family home developments springing up throughout the area supplying the demand for its growing population. Much of the population growth is coming from other states that surround Utah in the West. States like California that once was a growing population is now seeing an exodus to Utah. Many of those homeowners are buying homes in Cedar City with the cash from their home sale in California. No mortgage. With their excess cash they are adding upgrades to these homes and Hardwood Floors is one of them. I sell Hardwood Floors in Iron and Washington Counties as those counties are my territory. I sell Hardwood Floors at distributor cost directly to my clients which saves them considerable money over the retail flooring stores in Cedar City.  Then I come out and install those Hardwood Floors personally. No subcontractors. I have over 35 years experience and my 70 five star reviews from former clients attest to my skills. This is an avocation for me; I love the work. I also Refinish existing Hardwood Floors with custom colors and low sheen polyurethanes. If you want to get involved with me on your Hardwood Floor project give me a call.  I am available.  Greg Warren