Greg Warren Hardwood Floors in Ivins, UT

I have been Refinishing and Installing the Hardwood Floors that I sell direct to the public at distributor pricing in Kayenta; a large high end subdivision in Ivins, UT. It is interesting how many of those existing homes have Eastern White Pine solid floors. I have been refinishing them as of late. Most of them have wider than normal gaps between the boards due to the lack of jobsite acclimation prior to the installation. I do have a filler product that I use to fill those gaps that has the best chance of staying in without either sinking or popping out later. One job on my website under the Refinishing link is the Smith Residence. Have a look at that project if you might be interested in having your floors refinished. I have 75 Five Star Reviews that you can read with links on my website. If you want new floors or want to add to your current Wood flooring I am available to discuss your project and create a bid for your review. Thanks for reading.  Greg Warren